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1,200,000.00 ZAR

1. Both are 1969, 2-door “Hard Top Deluxe /Coupe” models – the one a
“GT” & the other one a “GRANDÉ” (which means big/large in Spanish) and both of course LEFTHAND DRIVEN, AUTOMATIC DRIVE AND WITH LUXURY INTERIORS.
Both vehicles are at least 96+% ORIGINAL.2. In 1969 the Ford Mustang design was changed by 15-inches in length & lower streamlined in total and DOUBLE HEADLIGHTS introduced for the first time.3. The total Mustang production for 1969 was relatively low – ONLY
299,824 UNITS, COMPRISING 11 MODELS,of which only 4 (four) were luxury / Deluxe models.
Only 5,210 “GT” UNITS (1.73%) & 22,182 “GRANDÉ” UNITS (7.41%) were
manufactured in total.
According to my knowledge only TWO “GT’S” & approximately Eight/Ten
“GRANDÉ’S” are currently available in South Africa. Therefore the two models on the ‘photos are fairly scares – only 9% of the total production!

4. The mass Mustang production in 1969, was basically made up by the
“Hard Top” or “Coupe” model(118,613 units) and the “Fast Back / Mach 1” model ( 134,438 units), as well as the “Convertible” model (14,746 units).

5. The “GT” has a 351 CUB. INCH. (+- 7-litre) x V-8-cylinder “WINDSOR”
engine, with a “FMX” automatic gear box + airconditioning.
The “GRANDÉ” has a 302 CUB. INCH. (+- 5-litre) x V-8-cylinder “WINDSOR” engine and a “C4” automatic gear box.

6. After 50 years, the “GT”‘S mileage is 63,000 and the “GRANDÉ” on

7. The body colour of both, are Ford’s “CANDY APPLE” RED, with a WHITE
VYNIL ROOF for the “GT” and white luxury interior finishes and a BLACK VYNIL ROOF for the “GRANDÉ” and black luxury interior finishes.

8. VERY IMPORTANT : Both vehicles have their respective, ORIGINAL
RIVETED 3 X “BODY TAGS” (VIN NO’S, etc.), DRIVERS’ HANDBOOK & INTERNAL INSTRUCTION GUIDES (we can even supply you with the individual manufacturing numbers of the respective seats !)and also have a box or two of spares, as well as wheels /tyres included in the deal.

  • Listing ID: 2318
  • Mileage: 100000
  • Year Model: 1969
  • Vehicle Brand: Ford
  • Condition: Used
  • Vehicle Model: Mustang
  • Vehicle Colour: Red

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